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Indian subcontinent is known for its culture, history and places. Every year a number of tourists comes to see the beauty of India.

India is a country where you can experience every season from winter to summer and spring to rainy.

It has Himalayan range in north and rest of region is surrounds with sea.

The country is famous for the history of Raja-Maharaja, forts, Monuments and many more things.

North region of India is especially popular among those who are fond of adventures activities. Mountains covered with snow gives you an amazing feeling. The views and beauty of these places can actually make you visit these places.

You can actually sit and admire the natural beauty of these places.

However for those who believe in adventure and looking for some crazy & memorable time. A place in Himachal Pradesh (State of Mountains) known as Triund, which gives you an opportunity to do some crazy stuff.

Triund Trek

I know you are thinking, what seriously? What Triund offers you? What exactly it mean?

I am going to tell you an interesting fact about Triund.

But first let me know. Are you a person who loves adventure? But you don’t have much time to do crazy stuff, because of job or sitting along a table, looking deep in computer screen and files.

You want break, you want to do those things that you have not tried yet. An excited holiday with physical activities which keeps your Body and Soul together, “Trekking”, seriously, you want to do trekking. Its ok, you can go at any place around India. What is the big deal in that?

Where to go?


It’s absolutely fine. I will tell you, where you should go for Trekking with a normal budget.

Your Answer lies in Triund. Yes, Triund.

Triund trek in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most easy and shortest treks in India.

Situated in the laps of Dholadhar Mountains, it presents you the beauty of Dholadhar Mountains range on one side and Kangra Valley on the other side.

Triund TrekTriund

Triund is one trekking destination which attracts people from all over world of all age groups. Besides trekking, it will showcase its breathtaking and forest trails of entire Kangra valley.

Now you are getting an idea of Triund trek. A slight thought of visiting Triund trek is outside the doors of your mind, I want to do the trek. Curiosity of visiting this place is slightly increasing in your mind.

Yes, you want to go, but how to reach this place?

You have to reach Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala, itself a very beautiful hill station, attracts lot of tourists.  Move towards Mcleaoganj from Dharmashala with public transport or you can board in a Taxi also.


Triund is around 9 Km from Mcleaoganj. You must visit Dalai Lama Temple and Tibetin Market here.

TempleGoing in the direction of Triund from Mcleodganj, You first reach to Dharamkot 2km ahead of Mcleodganj.
From Dharamkot, triund is 7 Km and passes through Gallu Devi temple.

Galu devi templeGallu Devi Temple

From Gallu Devi Temple, Triund trek is around 7 km of distance and take 3 to 4 hours to reach depends on your physical fitness. In some cases, it can take more time.

Initial 5 Km is an easy trek.

Wait “Did I say Easy?” Where is thrill?

Yes, I know you all are looking for thrill, joy and beauty.

My Friend 2Km is still left”. You never know what next.

These 2 Km famously known as 22 Curve.

It will test your grit because this way is very twist and turns which is very tiring. However, Forest of Oak, Deodar and rhododendron will make your trekking more joyful.

valleyIf you are lucky, you can get to see the mountain goat too.

Mountain GoatBest Months for Trekking

You can go to Triund trek almost whole of the year, except January to February because of heavy snowfall during this time.

The best time for trekking is from March to May in first half of the year and September to December in second half.

June to August is known for heavy rain there. I recommend you to trek in those months, when you can have a great experience of trekking.

What to carry

But before going for trek, make sure you have all the necessary things. Don’t forget to carry these:

If it is possible take banana for fresh energy and chocolates.

If you do not have these things with you, do not get stressed, you can have these things once you reach the shacks in the top.

Finally, you know what Triund trek will give you.

Remember, Triund trek will give you refreshing air and environment. So do not destroy it with garbage. Do not throw garbage anywhere during trek.

Now what are you waiting for, Pack your bags and test your grit. You can visit alone or in groups.

Be careful, as some parts of the trek could be dangerous. Stay Safe & Trek in Triund.

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    Beautiful article. Lovingly written. Been to Triund 5times and each time has been unique. Breathtaking view and you get a fresh perspective on life…

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