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As we all know, there are places in India that every first time traveller would always venture to — they’re renowned as the ‘it’ spots!

Of course, there are evident reasons why they are known to be so famous. Take for example, the beautiful and majestic Taj Mahal located in Agra; it’s famous for being one of the new Seven Wonders of the World!

By all means, visit and get a good look at the ivory white structure that carries the weight of important stories and history — in fact, we do encourage it.

However, if you’re the type that yearns to take the path less trodden, or simply to escape the brunt of thousands upon thousands of inquisitive tourists going to the same spot, why not head to a less-travelled tourist destinations in India?

After all, India is a vast expanse of both land and people, and there’s always something novel to discover and experience!

Let us take you through our favourite five less travelled tourist destinations in india

Kasol Village

Kasol VillageKasol Village would be the ultimate sanctuary for backpackers, hikers, nature lovers, and generally anyone who would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It’s nestled amongst beautiful valleys, mountain ranges and ensconced at the banks of Parvati River and River Beas.

Did you know that Kasol is known as the little Israel? If you head to Kasol Village, you’ll be one of the lucky ones privy to beautiful mountain streams and clear waters.

The pace of life here is relaxed and slow, so it’s a great option to put down your grimy backpacks just for a little while and enjoy what this little village has to offer.

Trust us, there’s absolutely plenty to do in this place that packs a real punch, and with scenic valleys and untouched hills set against the backdrop of a great climate.

You can either take a long, long walk down the rivers and observe the rolling hills, clear flowing waters and various wildlife that surround the beautiful place. Hike up one of the hills and get a bird’s eye view of Kasol.

Even if you’re not too big on nature, Kasol is still a place you may want to consider visiting— there are huge parties that anyone can join, so just hop in and have a good time.

Honestly, it is truly difficult to find a place that offers both the wonders of nature and the comfort of warm people, so make Kasol your to-go list on your next trip to India.

North Kerla

North KerlaMore often than not, people usually head to the south of Kerala instead of the North, which is definitely a pity because North Kerala offers a unique cultural and historical experience amongst an unexplored Eden!

Think resplendent beaches, pristine backwaters untainted by litter and other human activities, wildlife sanctuaries for all you nature buffs out there, and even wonderful cultural centres for you to familiarise yourselves with the culture and norms of the land you’re visiting.

For example, something that can only be seen in North Kerala is undoubtedly the Theyyam art form, an art heritage ritual developed centuries earlier, is still being practised in North Kerala.

Additionally, the backwaters of North Kerala offer an unspoiled and tranquil experience difficult to obtain anywhere else. Sit on a houseboat and observe the beauty of nature around you.

Furthermore, North Kerala’s hill stations offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding wildlife bringing you immensely close to nature. A quick run through of what the adventurous traveller can visit at these hill stations: the tea, coffee, or spice plantations, the waterfalls, and the wildlife sanctuaries. You can also opt for trekking or hiking (make sure to give Chembra Peak a shot).

St. Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s IslandWhat you may not know about St. Mary’s Island is that it makes up one of the four geological monuments in Karnataka, and is proudly one of the 26 Geological Monuments of India. Therefore, in addition to being absolutely breathtaking, it’s also considered one of the most important sites for geotourism.

This makes St. Mary’s Island a must-go for anyone interested in this field of research or study, or any environmentalist, be it full-fledged or budding.

One important fact to note here is that the island is quite literally left to itself — there’s little evidence of human activity and indeed, there are no shops or any buildings, for the matter.

However, this would more than suit the hippie traveller who wants to seek refuge from all the popular locations — you can freely wander around the formations and enjoy the view from your choice vantage points! If you’re into rock formations or other forms of physical geography, the island is the perfect place since it is completely natural with a lack of urban distractions.

Thachi Valley

Thachi ValleyThachi Valley is a whopping three thousand metres above the sea level and is a small valley bursting with beautiful natural scenery!

Something that will please the traveller determined to blaze his or her own trail: it receives so little tourists and visitors that there are no hotels, only home stay options! And what could be better than living with a local to fully soak in what Thachi Valley has to offer, right?

For all you avid trekkers out there, do rejoice and quickly plan a trip to Thachi Valley because it is truly a trekker’s paradise. There are no roads or trails, meaning it is well and truly trekking, but the view and what you can do more than makes up for it.

Make sure to go to the Gaun Beed Waterfall and marvel at the spectacular rapids – tumbling water grazing amazing rock structures. If you persevere, you will come to a plateau of sorts where you can observe nearly the whole expanse of Thachi Valley, complete with snow if you’re lucky.

You can even take a dip in the waterfall that is bereft of people. Think of it as a private paradise for you and you alone. Of course, there are plenty of other trekking routes and other waterfalls for you to discover, as many routes are also ambiguous to the locals! This is the perfect way to create your own trail and fulfill your deepest desire for wanderlust and discovery.

Jatinga village

Jatinga villageThe Jatinga village is quite renowned for something unusual: their mass bird suicides! It is fascinating because most of the birds pass by Jatinga en route while migrating, but end up being trapped there, where they ultimately die.

These mass suicides only occur on a specific and well-defined strip of land that is 1.5 km long and 200 meters wide on the northern side of the village. Even though lights were placed on the southern side of the village as an attempt to guide birds away from this particular killer strip (birds are attracted to various light sources), the migratory birds still fly at night, landing on the northern strip instead.

This strange and highly interesting phenomenon is said to have occurred for consecutive years without exception for more than a century. Even though many bird enthusiasts and natural scientists attempt to put forth an explanation, the Jatinga Assam remains largely mysterious.

Are you as amazed and curious as we are with regard to this situation? Then do take a visit to Jatinga village over the course of a few days and witness one of the world’s most elusive natural phenomena.

In all, even if you’re not a seasoned traveller, why not give these places a check on your to-go list? It always pays to take the path less travelled — you would then be exposed to new experiences and new memories to take home with you, and we all know it is really the memories that make travelling so memorable.

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