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“Psst! Hey you, yes you pretty lady. You know what will make you look even prettier? ME. I am a limited edition dress, who has been made just to fit you perfectly. Buy me, wear me, take care of me, love me. I am sure the horrible girls at your workplace will feel jealous once they see you with me. Come on! Try me on, and be sure, that HE will stare at you with his eyes wide open. Just don’t think twice, take me home. You and I deserve each other.”

Most women would relate to this kind of conversations, where they are helplessly drawn to buy something, which they didn’t even have plans of buying. In a shopping mall a woman might look plain on the outside, but trust me when I say that there would be a civil war going in her head, in which one part of her just wants to go into that shop and buy that dress.

The other part  talks of saving and being a responsible. And before she even knows what’s happening around, her legs take her to the shop and her hands grab the dress, and yeah she is at the billing counter, feeling half guilty and half happy.

Let’s admit it ladies , Shopping is our guilty pleasure. It is a therapy for women. Women are said to have heavy mood swings. But irrespective of what mood she is on right now, she will always be ready to shop.

We Women need no reason to shop! We just want to look the best. But do we always get to look our best? If you are someone who loves to travel, then sometimes you just cant afford to look your best.

But hey, you don’t have to compromise on anything at all. Be  A TRAVELLER. But a traveller in style.

So, ladies here is a list of a few things which you should be carrying, while travelling , so that you don’t miss out on being awesome on any day. Get ready to go on a shopping spree.

1. Sun screen

sunscreenYou start your trip ,looking fresh and awesome and alive. When you come back however, your friends start asking you if you had gone for some sun bathing. And that’s what the hot sun did to your skin.

Your fresh, lively skin looks all dry , dull and the worst of all ‘ Tanned’. Tan is something we women just cant handle.

Every time you look at yourself in the mirror,there is a tension rising up in your head,which asks “ will I ever ever get my colour back?”.

So If you want to stop the sun from stealing your glow,make sure you carry a good sun screen lotion. There are various brands of sun screen lotions available, which are priced moderately. Let’s accept the fact that, sun screen lotion wont keep your skin intact and lively, but it will definetly try to prevent you from tanning excessively.

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2. Jewellery organizer



jwelleryMatching the right accessories with the right dress, is of high importance to us. Afteall it’s the killer look we are in search of.

But carrying your huge collection of earrings and novelties can be a huge issue. If you plan to place them all in a single box, they are sure to get tangled and they might even break. Now that’s a bad idea. Losing out on your favourite accessories is not at all okay.

So here is a product, which prevents your accessories from getting tangled and broken. A jewelry organizer which has many compartments for earrings and pendants on the front and compartments for chains and necklaces at the back, is a product,which will be of utmost use.

Best part,this organizer is the shape of a dress, which means it can be packed easily in your suitcase and also hanged in to a cupboard

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3. Toiletries and make up organizer


makeup organiserCarrying your expensive, creams and face washes in bag can be really troublesome due to danger of leakage. It’s a nightmare when, we find our expensive creams leak all over the bag, not only spoiling the bag, but also your mood.

To prevent such a situation, it is always advisable to carry a toiletries and make up organizer pouch, which has plastic compartments that can carry your toiletries.

All your beauty requirements in one pouch, now that’s what I call as being organized.

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4. Shoe organizer

travel shoe organiserA beautiful quote goes this way,

Cinderella is the perfect example to say that, a pair of shoes can change your life.

It is the eternal love we have for shoes, that makes us just buys them. We have two feet, but at least more than 20 pairs of shoes lying in our room. Shoes always make us feel and look better.

But carrying them while travelling is always a pain. The occupy a lot of space, and suddenly you have to be choosing between your beloved shoes to take with you, as you can’t take all of them. This can be really painful. When you have to choose, one shoe over another, it’s almost like choosing one friend over another.

No! you don’t have to make such difficult decisions in your life. When you have an amazing product like a shoe organizer, which can accommodate up to 6 shoes, and which is easy to carry like a bag, you don’t have to choose. Now that a happy story. Where you are happy, your shoes are happy and your feet are happy too.

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5. Undergarments organizer

Undergarments organizerHaving a compact, good looking pouch which carries all your undergarments is always a blessing. With enough compartments and space to fit at least 10 pairs of under garments, this bag can easily be placed in your suit case without occupying much space.

Now you wouldn’t have to empty your entire bag, turning it upside down in search for your under garments, when travelling.

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6. Grid organizer for digital products


Grid organizer for digital productsYou neatly role up your chargers and your headphones and place them in your bag, while you are packing. But when you want to use them, all you can see is tangled wires,which take hours to be de tangled.

Now you want to sit and charge your phone and listen to some music ,but its not possible real soon,because  you sit there in a fit if rage,de tangling the wires. True story. Where you are supposed to be enjoying your travel, you end up wasting time in these petty yet,time occupying works.

To prevent this, you can buy  a bag,which can easily hold your pen drives, your chargers, headphones and all your gadgets. The best part is this small pouch can be easily placed in your carrying bag. Saves time and effort.

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7. Travel wallet

RFID Blocking Travel WalletCarrying some important items like, your pass port, credit cards and id’s can be a tricky process. Our wallets come with enough space to carry our phones and some cash. In such a situation we end up placing these items loosely in our bags. There always a threat to misplace these things.

In order to prevent that, get a travel wallet. This can hold almost anything. Your phone, cash, cards, passport, id’s, everything. You can travel with the priviledge of beaing at peace without fear of misplacing anything.

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Women love to be organized. The above mentioned items are just to make sure; your travel is easy and comfortable. Travel is supposed to be fun. We wouldn’t want to wile it away in worrying about petty issues like packing and carrying things.

We shop a lot! But we also take good care of the things we shop. It’s the love we have for our things, which makes us take good care of the new pair of shoes or the old jeans lying in the closet. Make sure you take same care of your valuable little things.

So if you are a sassy woman, who loves to shop, who loves to travel, here is your chance to fulfill both your wishes in one shot.  SHOP to TRAVEL and TRAVEL to Shop. Travel in comfort and style without losing out on anything, which makes you be ‘ YOU’. Shopping and Travel, define you.


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