12 tips that will make you a smart traveller


Finally, Holidays are here.

Now you can make a plan to go to travel to your favorite destinations where you wanted to go.

As everyone loves to travel.

But before you go anywhere let me tell you some great alternatives of your chosen destinations and some travel tips too which will make you a smart traveller.

I want you to pay attention towards this.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a smart traveller.

Is it about booking flights? Is it related to finding an accommodation which suits your budget? Or is it about saving money in case?

These are some basic doubts those come into one’s mind. As it does not matter where you will head, you always look on these.

By looking on these points can definitely make you a better person and a smart traveller.

What if I said that you can save your money and still enjoy your travel.

I know it sounds weird at first. But once you read it completely then you will know why I said it.

Here are some tips for you, and I Hope that these tips help you becoming a smart traveller.

1. Travel insurance

I know what you might be thinking. A travel Insurance? Or you probably are laughing at this fact that how travel insurance can help you in making a smart traveller.

But believe me, it is one of the important things during travelling.

We cannot control on lots of the things, so it is better to be prepared.

Travel delays and disruptions are first and foremost issues in travelling.

traveler-insurancesource : http://bit.ly/1Pq0hZT 

The second possibility is something which not a single person want to face, Medical Emergency. You are travelling and you are not at your home.

Last but I will say not the least, Theft. You are travelling with gadgets (I know it must be a costly one), so it is better to make a plan. Because you never know when these can be taken by an unknown one or a thief can get a chance to grab your lovely gadgets. (So be aware and be a smart traveller)

2. Washing clothes

Be it a luxury traveler or a budgeted traveler, once during travelling. A time comes when you need to wash your clothes.

Make sure to have clean and ready to wear clothes before hitting travel.

If in case you stuck with washing. Be prepared.


source : http://bit.ly/1U1AGqc

You should pack a clothesline (If you don’t have a dryer or you can use paperclips as clothespin), Dryer Sheets (Optional, but it can keep your clothes fresh), Sink stopper, A pack towel, a laundry bag and few packets of hand washing detergent (Tide).

However if you want to stay away from doing this. Choose your clothes according to the destination.

If you are going to a wet place, take a hair dryer with you. (It can dry your most needed clothes quickly). If possible, pack clothes (Example Polyester) those can dry quickly.

3. Art of saying “NO, THANK YOU”

Most of the time, you choose to travel to other state or country. You don’t know a think about.

You never know the intention of the people of that place.

Here I am highlighting only a single percent of those.

It might possible that people ask you to help you or show you the path. It is much needed to know the art of saying “No,Thank you”. I will do it myself.

No thank you
source : http://bit.ly/1sRlzVU

Especially, if you are travelling alone (solo women traveller).

Be a smart traveller and learn this thing. It can be in two different ways.

Firstly, learn to say some sentences of the place where you are heading. It will help you in every possible way and protect you from the salespeople to buskers.

The second point is a bit of a selfish kind. You made a plan to travel so it is your right to choose what is fit and important to you.  

4. Use of needle & thread

You read it right.

Use of Needle and thread!

Needle and thread
source : http://bit.ly/1Ul1nSv

Though, I myself am not good at using this instrument or whatever they are.

But you never know when you need to sew your clothes button or bag. A smart traveller will not waste their precious time going to see the cloth shop or a DARJI sew this simple thing.

5. Take a Nap Anywhere

Well, this is one of the cases, where you will surely agree with me.

During travelling we found ourselves lying in the car, train or in flights, with a slight thinking of taking a nap. That can freshen up your mind and body.

Wait! At these places?

travel nap
source : http://bit.ly/1P9gJID

You have a thought, that we can take a nap in Cars. But what about trains and flights, where a number of people travel with us.

I know it is hard to take a moment of going into the dreamland because of the light, noises and chit-chat of people.

Have a look on these simple tips:

If you are sensitive to light, you may use a sleep mask which will block the light.

Make sure to be warm as cold feet and hands can prevent sleep.

I have often seen people who just take out their earphone, put them into ears and go to sleep.

If you can tackle the skill of taking the nap anywhere, you are on your way to being a smart traveller.

6. Basic First AID

I am putting this tip because you never know what can happen when you first visit the place. To know the CPR or the Heimlich maneuver can help you facing some health related problems.

Or you can help others too.

First-AID-Smart traveller

source : http://bit.ly/1t5CqoH

It is one of the best ways to be well prepared which will make you a smart traveller.

If possible take some online classes or join local classes to know it better.

7. Exercise at hotel rooms

If anything that can make you feels fresh and confident, that is EXERCISE. During travel, it is hard to stay healthy on the roads or in trains.

If possible take only 10 to 15 minutes to do YOGA or Exercise.

exercise at hotel
source : http://bit.ly/20WQNWW

It will make your travel more enjoyable.

8. Packing

Packing, especially for women traveller can be a nightmare. What to pack? How to pack? I want this, that and even those in my bag.

We, people of India always think like this.

The same goes to the man. They also want their gadgets such DSLR, USB, Power bank, Cool T-shirts and personal belongings.

Nevertheless, the problem is that we don’t know packing.

I will put a short overview in front of you all. Which will make you a smart traveller?

Russian Nesting Doll style of Packing

source : http://bit.ly/1Y5UWZw

One out of several travel hacks is to fold the clothes. Why don’t you take it one step further?

Put your DSLR or Sunglasses inside the rolling shirts or clothes.

You can even put your undergarments and socks inside the shoes.

Put the items on top which you will frequently use.

Make sure to use these tips to be a smart traveller.

9. Geographical Knowledge

Now this is kinda out of the box!

What is there anything like Geography in travelling?

I have the slightly different opinion about that. What I think is that to be a good traveller, you first have to be a smart traveller.

geographical knowledge
source : http://bit.ly/1r4X5ao

It is a fact that even a normal person travel.

What if I say that armed with a bit of knowledge and you can improve your travel experience.

Basic geographical knowledge of a place of your own country or another should be on top of your list.

Here I’m not forcing you to go for all the minor things; you just need to pay attention to major one.

10. Try Local Store

It does not matter really whether you are a smart traveller or not.

Everyone should at least try visiting the local store or try to have the local food. As it directly reflects the culture of that place.

local store
source : http://bit.ly/1Ul4f1T

We all know If you are feeding someone with delicious food, they will remember you more than the journey.

A smart traveller will not miss a chance to have the clothes, local snacks, food, and drink.

11. How To change a tire

C’mon! How that can make an entry into these tips!

You know driving, you know the acceleration, you know the Honk, and you know everything.

But frankly tell me do you know how to change a tire?

Yes, Tire!
Tire- Smart travellersource : http://bit.ly/1Wz3mJt

Many of us at time rent a vehicle when travel and the chances of getting a flat tire somewhere, definitely a possibility.

So instead of asking for roadside assistance, try and take some time to learn the art of changing the tire.

It can help you if you are travelling alone or with a group. Chances of impressing someone is also there.

12.  Art of Haggling

We are now at our last travel tip for making you a smart traveller.

The last but I won’t say it least. The Art of HAGGLING.

art of haggling
source : http://bit.ly/1Uj7EOZ

Although for many of us the art of haggling is a very difficult concept, but it’s an important skill to possess in many places, especially in Asian countries.

You have just visited the place where you wanted to go for a long ago.

You want to explore the beauty of the place and while walking down the streets, you see a beautiful piece of art.

And a thought that it may be possible that my family will like it comes from the corner of your mind.

The moment you look closer to that masterpiece, you get caught by the sellers.

They will try everything to sell that thing to you at a profitable amount. But, be aware, as most of the things won’t have a price attached to it. Try to explore more and find the better way of dealing.

Do not be harsh upon sellers, because without them you cannot buy a thing. So always remember to be polite with the locals and sellers of the place where you are travelling.

Travelling is a way to see the beauty, history, culture and much more.

It is always a plus point to be a good traveller but when it comes to standing out from a rush. You need to be a smart traveller.

I hope you like the 12 tips to be a smart traveller.

Be smart.

if I forgot something. You can comment on it.

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