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Here is a question for you, ‘name that one place which is always crowded on the weekends?’ Yeah, you guessed it right; it’s the magical ‘box office’.

Be it a first date or a sad break up episode, a happy ‘big time achievement day’ or a sad ‘big time failure day’, ‘a running nose day’ or ‘a fit as a fiddle day’, ‘a sunny day’ or ‘a rainy day’, if there is that one quality which is there with us through all the days, it is that of being a ‘BIG TIME MOVIE BUFF’.

Movies often make us cry, happy, wonder, ponder over and raise a millions of emotions in us.

Who didn’t cry, when the titanic sank or who didn’t laugh when, chatur recited the hilarious Hindi speech, in 3 idiots’!

It was the time, when we saw, ‘ zindagi na milegi dobara’, that suddenly all of us were inspired to travel and live our life to the fullest.

So, here is a list of ‘ 10 amazing travel movies’, you need to watch, before you grow old and your legs give up on you.

1. Into the wild

Into the wildNow here is a story, which is similar to that of most of us. Christopher McCandless, graduates from one of the best universities with a very good score.

Shortly after getting bored with the conventional life, he decides to abandon all his riches and sets off into the wild, to live a life in isolation and leisure.

At first he is under the magical spell of the beauty of nature, and lives comfortably with all the supplies he has.

But what happens when, his necessary supplies run out? How does he survive? Does he return to the monotonous life, which he originally ran away from? Watch the movie to know more.

2. The Holiday

The HolidayOne of the worst and the best experience in your life, is when a loved one chooses to leave you.

Yeah, the break up. Trust me, we aren’t honey Singh to, throw a party on the event of this disaster and then make a song for it.

In fact in reality nobody can do that, neither did Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, when they went through a horrible break up.

Living in two different countries, what these women do, is leave their own countries and go to the other one’s country, to live in the home of the other (don’t gimme that look, it’s not as complicated as it looks! In fact it’s great fun!) .

It is in this process that they understand what love is all about. Do they find love again? What did the ladies learn from the holiday? Watch the movie to know more.

3. Eat pray love

Eat pray loveBased on a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert, here comes the story of woman, who decides to sell everything she has, in order to travel, after a divorce.

The amazing woman who plays this role is none other than the very beautiful ‘Julia Roberts’.

She goes to Italy to eat, all the food she has always wanted to eat, but never could. India- to pray and understand about spirituality. She goes to Bali to understand what love is all about.

This film portrays the story of a person, who begins her journey with depression. Does the protagonist find happiness? What is happiness? For answers, watch the movie.

4. The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle DiariesMost people think of travel ,as a recreational activity. But traveling sometimes becomes, an amazing experience which teaches people many things and also changes the way they perceives things.

The motorcycle diaries, recounts the true story of a young man,who takes a tour all across the south America along with his friend on a motor cycle.

The same young man grew up to be known as ‘ Che- Guvera’,the Marxist commander and therevolutionary. The same young man who, is a huge youth icon till day.

What was it that, he saw in his journey, which turned a young immature boy into a bold hero? Is travel so powerful that it can change the destiny of a person? The motorcycle diaries will surely be added to your list of favorite movies.

Go ahead and watch it.

5. Before sunrise

Before sunriseL-O-V-E. The same four letter word, which conveys millions of emotions.

How would it be if you were traveling in Europe, and you find your soul mate? Fears, excitement, butterflies, doubts or everything at once?

This movie is the story of a very cynical woman and seemingly Romantic man, who meet in Europe one magical night and seem to be falling in love with each other

But reality snaps in and they realize, the magic has to end and so they part ways. Will the experience of one magical night bring them back together after a few years?

Even if they do come across each other, will they recognize each other? Will their story have a happy ending?

Played by, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, this is a classic old times romantic movies, which will make you say, “ awwww!”.

6. Highway

HighwayWe love to travel! It’s something we do out of our own interest.

What if you are kidnapped and then are forced to travel? Yikes! That sounds so scary.

This is what happened to our poor Alia Bhatt, when she was kidnapped by Randeep Hooda, for a ransom from her rich dad. But here is the twist, the wicked kid starts enjoying herself.

She tastes freedom for the first time, and starts discovering her identity as an independent woman. This is that one movie, which would make you want to get kidnapped.

Who wouldn’t want to get kidnapped by Randeep Hooda! :p

7. Jab we met

Jab we met“Yeh ishq hai”, OH! This beautiful song, sung by Shreya goshal, showing the fun loving, Kareen kapoor and Shahid kapoor, in the enchanting land of the north eastern India.

The story starts with a vexed up business tycoon, Aditya (shahid kapoor) Leaving all his riches behind to go away from a crisis, that encounters him.

This silent young man, bumps into the very talkative and enthusiastic woman Geet (Kareen kapoor), on a train which he boards onto. The young man, though irritated with her non-stop chatter at first, suddenly finds himself getting attracted to Geet.

The film shows the experiences of Geet and Aditya, as they travel together, to find their destinies. This movie, with a combinations of drama, comedy and romance is a must watch.

8. Queen

QueenHoneymoon is supposed to be the most romantic time of a person’s life. Couples all across the world, go to different countries and cities on honeymoons.

Have you ever heard of someone, who goes on their honeymoon all alone?

Our gutsy Kangana Ranaut (rani in the movie), goes all by herself to Europe on her honeymoon, after her fiancé calls of their wedding a day before it was supposed to happen. Devastated Rani goes away to Europe, to find herself some solace.

Does Rani find what she is looking for? Does she re-discover herself? How does she even manage herself in an unknown country, amidst people whom she barely knows?

Queen is one such movie, which will raise your spirits immediately.

9. Zindagi na milegi dobara

Zindagi na milegi dobaraSchooling was one time in our life, where we had numerous plans made for our adult life. Sitting with our own group of friends and making promises to eachother,to do various things when we would grow up, was one of our favorite things to do.

It was in their schooling that, Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol, decide to grow up and go away on a trip to Spain to indulge in various adventurous sports. But they grow up and get busy with their new responsibilities. It is not until one of them gets engaged, that they finally decide to go on the trip.

What travel gives the three is the strength to come up with solutions to the problems of their own lives.

ZNMD is the story of three best friends who change their lives, and become best friends once again. After watching this one, many people decided to go on a trip to Spain.

10. Ye jaawani hai deewani

Ye jawani hai deewaniNerds are supposed to be boring. Their only best friends are supposed to be books.

But that’s not the case, with Deepika Padukone (Naina) who, decides to get a break from her books and go away on a trip to trek along with her old school friends.

It is on this trek that she falls in love with Ranbir Kapoor (bunny), a person who is totally different from her. But the trip has to end. Naina doesn’t tell about her feelings to Bunny because, his plans and career choices are totally different to that of hers.

Will Naina ever tell her feelings to Bunny? What happens after the trip? This is a beautiful movie, which teaches many wise things. The confusions of a young adult have been portrayed in the best possible way in this movie.

To travel is to learn. To travel is to understand you. To travel is to fall in love. To travel is to heal. To travel is to celebrate the beauty of life. What else can show this in a better way than a movie? These 10 movies are some of the best travel movies that have ever been made. You must probably be well acquainted, with that good feeling you get after you watch a good movie. You can be rest assured that you will press the stop button, with that same good feeling. Go ahead; put some AC 2 POPCORN in your microwave oven or on your stove and get ready to have the desire to travel and to discover yourself. Happy movie time.

Ps: if you have already watched the movies mentioned above, its time you go for a second innings. Nothing wrong after all in spending your time, watching a good movie.

And do comment below your favourite movie in the list after watching..

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