Perfect Nutrition Regime While Visiting India.


Steven Tyler is not the only one who loves the sweet taste of India. Practically, the whole world is in love with delicious dishes of this culturally and historically amazing country.

People travel to India because of its diversity, breath-taking colors, stunning local stories, beautiful traditional fashion, and definitely, the local food.

As you probably might have heard by now, traditional Indian dishes are usually extremely spicy. For this reason, a person who is not accustomed to such tastes, and who is taking care of dietary regime, should have a well prepared nutrition plan that isn’t depriving itself from the plethora of sometimes strange, but always marvelous tastes.

The Most Famous Tastes of India

Famous tastes of IndiaIndian cuisine is rich with many different treats for curious taste buds, such as carried vegetables, rice, flat bread, cheeses and delicious sweets made of just sugar, milk and wheat. If you are a red meat aficionado, you probably won’t find what you like in this part of the world.

If you are visiting India, you should know it is common to eat vegetables, chicken, and sometimes fish. Spicy food is synonym for Indian cuisine, and even if sometimes you don’t ask for chili in your dish, you’ll probably get it anyway.

One of the most recognizable flavours of the incredible India is, as you already know, curry.

Incredible India

3Some foods are a must try, when you are visiting India, and they are suitable for tourists preferences too. Everyone loves good comfort food, so you simply have to try idly. This meal is, made of lentil batter and fermented rice accompanied with varieties of chutney.

Healthy, yet spicy Doi Maach, is a Bengali fish curry in a delicious yogurt. South Indian Thali is a must try as well. Experiencing the richness of colours of different sauces, and rice placed on a banana leaf will make this journey even more incredible.

The delectable combination of chai and samosas is as healthy as it can be, and comes from the very roots of Indian history; when all the important decisions were made around this dish.

What Not to Eat and Where to Eat?

4One of the most basic rules is to follow the locals. If they are avoiding specific vendor, you should do the same. Places that are visited by families are usually a safe bet. Whenever possible, check the way of conserving and preparing food in restaurants and at street vendors and if you see something suspicious don’t eat there.

Ask for the caterers, cooks, or vendors to take it easy with chili and other spices; at least until you are used to the intensity of them.

Have some sort of probiotic in reach if you feel stomach problems. If you have allergy to nuts, for instance, you should know that is a common ingredient of dishes in India, so make sure you ask before you opt for some meal.

Have a Nutrition Regime and Stay Fit

Stay fitWe know it’s hard to stay true to nutrition regime and, working out, while traveling, but if you are moderate in it, everything will be OK.

Do your research, either by word of mouth or the web, on the best ways to make a complete guide to workout nutrition. Base this guide, on what you know you’ll be able to find in India. Enjoy your time in India and, have one treat per day.

You also want to, try to stick with vegetables, chicken, and fish; while avoiding extremely hot and spicy dishes (if you must try, do it during the day, never in the evening, it will make falling asleep much more difficult). As for exercising, besides your usual routine, know that you are in the crib of yoga. It would be interesting to search local experts and find your inner peace at where it all began.

So enjoy in the “sweet taste of India” and let it “linger on the tip of your tongue”, but do it with care and moderation to guarantee to a much more pleasant experience.


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