Bhook Swing- A Reason why you need to travel.


There are only probably two four letter words, which make even the strongest of the men become weak.

1) Love
2) Food

is that best friend of ours, who believes in being with us through thick and thin. Be it a ‘ I am so happy’ mood or a ‘All I want to do now, Is sit and cry’ mood, if there is that one thing which has consoled us by giving loads of enjoyment to our taste buds- its Food.

Significantly, Best Indian Street Food.

Indian Street Food

Be it the free Biryani, you get to eat at some distant relative’s wedding or the big bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream you gulp down your throat, to feel better about your ‘ boring’ life, food is our guilty pleasure.

We have mood swings, but we also have ‘Bhook Swings’.

‘Bhook swings’ are responsible to force you to go out on a rainy day and get some hot ’Pakoda’. ‘Bhook swings’ like the mood swings may happen anytime, anywhere. Worst part is, your stomach starts cribbing, as a result of your ‘Bhook Swings’.

And lo! You just can’t focus on anything. Just like how cancer is ‘Jaan Leva Bimari’, ‘Bhook swing’ is also ‘Chain Leva Bimari’.

To tackle this deadly disease, we present to you ‘7 Dhamakedaar Indian street food places’, where you can go to.

1. Mahim Khau Gali – Mumbai:

When it comes to best Indian Street food, the city of Mumbai would be represented on the map as a food item, be sure that it would be represented with a ‘Vada Pav’.

Hence proved ‘Mumbai = Vada Pav’.


Vada pav is that one very generous Indian street food item, which serves the rich and the poor’s taste buds alike.

Serving lip smacking ‘Chicken Vada Pavs’, Mahim Khau Gali also has joints of sizzling Kababs , Shawarmas, South Indian food, Falooda and much more.


Be sure to go to this place with an empty stomach.

2. 6 Russell Street- Kolkata:

If you are looking for dhamakedaar Indian Street food, this place, 6 Russell Street in Kolkata, can be called the Wikipedia of food stalls.

Kolkata Street Food

You name it, it has it. With numerous hotels and food stalls on either sides of the street, this place will satisfy all kinds of Bhook swings.


Be it the ‘Desi Bhook swing’ (cravings for kebabs and chat and biryani) or the ‘Firangi Bhook Swing’ (cravings for Italian, Chinese, Mexican etc).

3. General Bazaar Road- Hyderabad:

Ladies can totally relate to the Bhook swing, which arises as a result of excessive shopping. It’s probably the excitement, which makes them hungry after an amazing day dedicated to shopping.

Biryani-Indian Street Food

General Bazaar Road is one such ideal place for the ladies out there, who love street shopping and street food.  This busy road in Hyderabad is one of those places which serve delicious, chatpati chaat items.

With Chatpati Chaat on one side and garma garam Jalebi on the other, general bazaar will surely keep you coming back for more.


The Bhel puri and Aloo toast of the food stalls here is a must try.

4. Ranganadan Street – Chennai: 

The moment we think of Chennai, the first food item that comes to our mind is, ‘Sambar’, Idli, Dosa, Pongal, Vada are some of the authentic South Indian dishes found in South India.


But wait, this place is an abode for more than that. If there is a kid in you who loves to eat snack and dry items, this place is for you. Onion samosas, Aloo bonda, Cutlets, Chaat, fresh lime soda and much more are waiting for you to taste them.


Ranganadan Street is also a shopping paradise. So you don’t have to drop after you shop, since a wide variety of snacks are available here at a low price.

5. Chandani Chowk- Delhi:

It’s probably the soft melted butter on the top of the Parathas of Chandani Chowk that make it ‘the food destination of Delhi’. The shortest route to heaven for the foodies available on planet earth is Chandani Chowk.

Aloo Parantha

The flavorsome water of the Gol Gappa, the heavenly Parathas, and the authentic kababs are just some of the many more delicacies available at this place.

Chandni Chowk Street FoodDisclaimer: Do not blame us if you walk out of this place with empty pocket and jeans which do not fit you anymore.

6. Manek chowk: Ahmedabad:

Suddenly you wake up to some strange sounds. You see the time to be 3 am. You walk from your bedroom, to your kitchen to see if there is any food. How else will your stomach stop grumbling!

But all you find is the left over daal.


At 3 AM, what would you do? No! You don’t have to drink water and go to sleep. All you need to do is go to Manek chowk in Ahmedabad which runs 24/7 serving zestful food. From all varities of Chaat items to Kareena Kapoor’s favorite ‘Dhokla’, you get it all.


Late night parties don’t always have to happen in extremely expensive pubs. You can always go with some pennies in your pocket and a hungry stomach to Manek Chowk.

7. Aminabad –Lucknow:

Lucknow is probably the only place which will take you back to the times of the ‘Nawabs’. There was once a time when the royal chef of the Nawabs would cook ‘Biryani’ and ‘Kababs’ for his highness and his family. The reign of kings found and end, but not their favorite food items.


Kababs like ‘Galauti Kebab’, which was made especially for the Nawab, till date makes our tongue, experience royalty in every bite.

Best part – you don’t have to be as rich as the kings were to taste these Kababs.  Next time you ever feel you don’t have enough money, go to this place, to experience extravagance.

This must’ve happened at least once in your life time- you are sitting in front of your TV and you watch a channel, where some person, is shown eating very delicious looking food, and reviewing it.

What were your emotions? Jealousy? Excitement? Sadness?

Frankly there must be at least one silly part of us, which would want to get into the TV, snatch the food item from the guy and eat it.

You deserve way better than, every day’s Daal and Roti.

You don’t have to be a food expert to taste good food. All you need is a backpack and a ‘Bhook Swing’.

Next time you have a Bhook Swing, you know where you will find best Indian Street Food. A noisy street where you can sit with your loved ones and talk as loudly as you want, and a place where you wouldn’t have to add up the price of all the items you want to order, just to make sure you have sufficient money, are way better than, that extremely posh hotel, where you leave your bhook swing unsatisfied.

Next time Bhook Swing reckons you in a very sweet voice, you know where to go and what to eat.

Ps: Do comment below, other street food joints which you are aware of.


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