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Hi, and welcome back!

Why I use Welcome back?

It is because I am very much prepared to let you guys on another Indian Trekking destination, which is Kheerganga trek.

After getting your ultimate guide of Markha Valley trek, Hampta Pass trek, The Chadar Trek and Triund trek. Put Kheerganga trek in your library of trekking guide.

You all must have heard about Kheerganga trek in Parvati Valley region (Himachal Pradesh). Although, the trek is little difficult yet it will offer you Natural Hot water springs, amazing experience, and beautiful views.

Mark my words the experience of taking natural hot-water springs will  always stay alive within you.

The valley offers you to see the beautiful view of Parvati River, the Glacier of Lahaul-Spiti and feel the calmness of the place.

So without wasting a time. Let us do trek on green grass, shiny stones, freshwater, snow mountains and with those who cannot speak (Animals).

Why it is called KHEERGANGA?

We Indian’s always try to find the meaning of anything.

Why is it like this? Why is it like that? Why do we need to go to this place? ETC. ETC.

I mean seriously guys, take a chill-pill. I’m here to solve your doubts. Then why are you scratching your heads?

At the end, you will only leave with your jaw drop in surprise.

Ok, still you want to know Why the name is Kheerganga?

The name came because of the milky waters of the river which flows in the parvati valley. If you see closely, the name is made up of two words. Kheer and Ganga, Kheer (Rice and Milk made Indian Sweet dish) and Ganga(The holy river of India).

Overview of Trek

Trek Region :                  Tosh, Himachal Pradesh
Trek Distance :               14 km’s (Approximately)
Trek Duration :               5-6 hours (Depends on your speed)
Accommodation :          Brick/Wooden houses or in Tents
Best time for trekking : From May to November
Grade :                               Moderate to Difficult

Now, You have got an idea of Kheerganga trek. But, ye to bs trailer tha, picture Abhi baaki hai.

Before moving further, I want you to look here.

How to reach Kheerganga?

Himachal Pradesh is worldwide famous for its tourist place. And every year a number of tourists came to see the mighty Himalaya and the places.

You can find direct conveyance of every place except Kheerganga.

So better try these to reach Kheerganga.

By Road

I myself is a big fan of road travelling. And I do recommend you all to choose road journey to Kheerganga.

I will tell you the route to Kheer Ganga (Kheer Ganga Trek) from New Delhi.

You can book a cab or book a bus ticket (Himachal Pradesh Roadways) from ISBT (Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus terminus, New Delhi).

source :

As there is no direct route to Kheerganga, You first reach Kasol (Nowadays most popular tourist place, among Youth, though).

Distance To Tosh from Delhi :    550 Km (Approximately)

Duration of journey : 11-12 hrs

You will come to know why Kasol is famous among our generation.

After Kasol, the road goes to Tosh (Next Destination where your trek will start). But from Kasol, you have to walk, as the roads are not there.

Book Bus tickets or Book a cab

Flight to Kullu Manali

Flight is also an option, but it will allow you to reach only Kullu Manali Airport. After reaching Kullu Manali you have to take a cab or public transport to tosh.

You can book your flight tickets here

Travel via Indian Railway

If road journey is enjoyable than Railway journey is the master of enjoyment.

The train journey is just remarkable, since the time of its inception. Engine sound, horn, the sound when it goes over the bridge, the sound when it crosses the trees, I mean everything. We all have enjoyed it in our childhood.

And I know, everyone wants to be like a child. Who enjoys each moment freely.

For that, the board in a train to Chandigarh. Then takes a cab or bus to Tosh.

Book Train ticket

Kheerganga Trek Begins Now

It’s time to tell you the brief of the trek. Considering you are in Tosh. Let us start, and follow what I say.

tosh village
source :

Leave your Backpack (Larger One) at your hotel and carry a small bag with some flashlights, toilet kit, and the small amount of money with you.

Book an experienced guide.

Ok, So now move out of your hotel room and step in the world of Kheerganga.

temple in Kheerganga trek
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Take the blessing in the temple nearby. Now it’s time for Kheerganga Trek.

From Tosh, you will head to Barshaini. Where the actual trek will start. It is 3 km from Tosh.

You will find that the first few km are not so hard to climb and it goes through through lush green farms, small hills and villages all along the Parvati River(White Water).

parvati river
source :

You can stop here, capture the beauty in your eyes and in DSLR you have with you.

I bet, it will hard to move forward from the beauty you are witnessing of. But, you have to move for seeing more beautiful terrain during Kheerganga trek.

After trekking few kilometer you will reach the first village which is Rudra Nag, near the waterfall. The path will become steeper and woods become dense beyond Rudra Nag.

So, it is advisable to step carefully.

And you never know, it might possible that you give up of doing kheer Ganga trek. In that case, this beautiful place will make you stand up and fetch you towards the top.

Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

source :

I told you that the trek is difficult. So here it comes, before reaching Kheerganga the trek will test your grit and strength as last few kilometers are a strenuous climb.

Three cheers for you all. Hip hip hurray!

Finally, you have made it. You did all hard work for doing Kheerganga trek. And now when you are at the top of kheer Ganga. Let me tell you some interesting facts about it.

Kheerganga is known as a spiritual site and it is believed that Kartik Ji Son of Lord Shiva had meditated for thousands of years.

source :

Which means, you have done a trek which gave you both enjoyment and spiritual moments.

Besides this, there is a hot spring water pool also at the top. The water from the hot springs is believed to be “holy” with healing properties. The pool has separate sections for male and female.

It’s a wonder of nature, a hot water pool in this cold place.

hot spring water
source :

The moment which you will remember the lifetime,” The Snow covered mountains and warm water!”.

Now you can opt to stay here or move back to Tosh. However, if you have planned for staying. Then decides between camp or rent.

Night during kheerganga trek
source :

I would say, Camp!

As it is easy camping here and you will get whatever you are desiring for. Please carry a raincoat, the weather is not predictable here.

I make a list of things to carry for you in the last section of this. Scroll down and check what you can take with you. If you don’t have these than buy here at a huge discount.

Now the time has arrived, when you will say GOODBYE! SEE YOU SOON KHEERGANGA!

bye bye Kheewganga
source :

The things and the person you love the most. It always becomes hard to say goodbye to them.

Start your Kheerganga trek again, this time downwards to Tosh.

From Tosh, pick a cab or bus to Kullu Manali.

It’s time to leave the beauty of Himachal Pradesh behind. And move to your places.

You will get so much during Kheerganga trek. It’s your responsibility too to give something back to nature.

Please Follow these during Kheerganga trek

  • Do not litter
  • Do not harm the animals
  • Respect Nature

Going for the trek, but have no idea what to carry with yourself. Here is a list for you all.

Listed below are What you need to carry with you:

PS: Nature has the power to give you beauty and disaster. But, once you visit Kheerganga. You will come to know what is the actual beauty.

And We can not blame nature for destroying the things.

It’s our responsibility to take care of nature.

Do plantation, clean your locality, ask others to clean their environment, love the animals, and rest!

Rest! Nature will give you a place to live a healthy life.

So when are you planning to do Kheerganga trek? Comment below


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