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Do you believe in magic? Most people don’t. But what if I said it exists?

It happens every time you hold a book in your hand. A book which is mysterious at every turn, beholding various emotions, expressions, stories and much more.

Its truly magic, when you start reading some of the travel books and your mind somehow creates an entire movie of what is being read by your eyes. Suddenly you start to live the words in the book. Your imagination goes wild. You cannot hear what people around you are saying to you. All you can see and hear are the characters depicted in the book.

Yes, magic happens every time you walk into a book store. Magic happens when you read.

Now lets take this magic a step further.

How would it be of you toured the entire Europe, by just sitting at your home and holding a book? How would it be if you really felt the chills of the valleys of Kashmir, by just lying on your bed, engrossed in a book?

Travel in itself is a magic. And Travel Books – Now that’s some real time MAGIC. Now you can watch the magic come alive, as you embark on a journey, through the pages of the

8 best travel books of all time

1. On the road

Life is strange. It’s a mystery in itself. Life is that celebration, in which even pain and heart breaks, turn out to be the best things that ever happen to us.

On the road, is the story of the writer, Jack Kerouac and his travel experiences with his friends? Zindagi na milegi dobara was a movie, which in its 3 hours thought us a lot about life.

source : http://bit.ly/1sqsIws

On the road, is like the ‘ Bada waala version’ of ZNMD, with more to laugh at ,more to feel from and more to learn from. This book, stands for the fact that ‘Travel is life changing’.

It’s a real life account of how the writer ,used travel as an aid to cope with the biggest trauma’s of life and his learning. With 5 parts, this book has always been an international best seller.

Friends+ youth+ travel = You will know it towards the end of the travel books.

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2. The Great Railway Bazaar

Train journeys have always been exciting. Doesn’t matter if we are 2 or 20, all that we believe is in the fact that ‘Nobody takes the my window seat’.

Out of many travel books, this book is also interesting, because the writer Mr. Paul Theroux, who happens to be an American, travelled our one in a million country ‘India’, by train.

Yes he did not choose to travel in expensive flights, like most firangis do. I guess he wanted to experience India in it’s ‘true –Raw’ Avatar.

the great railway bazaar
source : http://bit.ly/1r3n2XZ

And oh my! Where else can we find, authentic India, other than in our trains.

Wouldn’t it be funny to watch ourselves, from the eyes of someone from different culture and continent. Yes, here is that million dollar book,which will make you laugh at yourself.

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3. Travels with Charlie

Repeat after me ‘ India is the 7 the largest and the 2nd most populous country of the world’.

Remember this learning by rote exercise, which our teachers would make us do?

We have been learning about our country since our schooling. However, here is something for you to ponder over, ‘how well do you know India?’, how well do you know your citizens? Did you ever feel India’s spirit? It’s most treasured aspects? Its worst agonies?

travels with charlie
source : http://bit.ly/1UvSlF8

When the writer,‘John Steinback’, picked up his pen to write about his country, he somehow couldn’t feel his hand moving and that’s when it dawned upon him that, ‘he didn’t know his country the way he though he did. What followed was a road trip all across America.

This book,was written by the writer,after he understood America in its truest form. There are a number of travel books, but this travel book has always been rated as one of the best travel books ever, because of the simple reason that the writer,could present his country it its spirit.

You ever choose to write a book on India, you would know what do.

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4. Vagabonding

Travel has been that one thing, which we always wanted to do, but have always been putting off.

Busy lives, 9-5 schedules, parties, trying to rush faster than the clock, making money are all those culprits, which have somehow prevented us from living life to the fullest.

The reason why Vagabonding – An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, by Rolf Potts, attracted my attention, is because of the simple reason that, it inspires!

vagabondingsource : http://bit.ly/1r3noOu

It tells you Why-How-When to travel.

If you have been living a life of monotony, its time for you to get this book and make a decision to live your life differently.

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5. When the road beckons

“Hey you, yes bro.

Aren’t you bored with your life? Why are you slogging so much?

See, what I suggest is pack your bags, get a vehicle and lets travel.” How it be if the roads of Ladakh, said this to you?

travel bookssource : http://bit.ly/20UFNJx

Well the writer, Ravi Manoram was so influenced when he was beckoned by the road. What followed was leaving his monotonous job and going away to the valleys of Ladakh.

This writer gets to the point and keeps it real! Make sure you get the book .

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6. The Land of Flying Lamas & Other Real Travel Stories from the Indian Himalaya:

Himalayas! The place, where lord Shiva resides.

The mighty mountains which protect us.

The abode of nature’s marvels. The land of flying lamas, written by ‘Gaurav Punj’, is the writer’s firsthand account on how the ‘Himalayas’, cast their magical spell on him.

source : http://bit.ly/1Xj5LZu

It also features some real time advice on trekking and its benefits and also the experiences of many other travelers.

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7. An Indian summer

JAMES CAMERON – Yes,the legendary film maker. He travelled all across India,and was so mystified by it that he decided to write a book on it.

Now this is something great, because we would get an opportunity to understand our country, from the eyes man who has perhaps travelled the entire world. It muster been India’s greatness indeed, which made him write about it alone and not any other country he visited.

Indian summersource : http://bit.ly/1Vyl2DL

Being someone who truly loved our country ,he decided to travel post the independence. Among other travel books this book will take you back into time.

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8. Highway on my plate

When we saw them both eating on TV we some how felt so jealous of them. We wanted to make a note of all the places they ate at,so that when we travelled, we could eat at the same place.

highway on my plate
source : http://bit.ly/1XRw6vW

Rocky and Mayur on NDTV Goodtimes, have never ceased to entertain us with their legendary show, ‘ highway on my plate’. All their experiences in a book. Yes, this is a guide to roadside eateries all across India.

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So my dear, Bhukkad log, just don’t think twice and get these travel books.

PS: Every book is an experience in itself. The touch of the new paper on our fingers. The smell of the paper and the magic of being engrossed in a book, are some luxuries which we all can afford.

Ask yourself “What have I been running for all my life? Money?

It gets ironical when you realize that, you want to earn money to live a better life, but never live it since you are busy postponing it, making money.

These books do not just contain some black words. They have Words which have a power.

Power to come alive. Power to take you on journeys you have never been before.

We want you to live your life and your dreams.

These travel books might not be so harsh on your pockets, but what they might give you in return, will truly change your life.You might start off by holding a book in your hand, but as you near the end of the book, be sure to find a ticket to some place in your hand along with the book.

Now that’s magic!

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