The 11 best goan food to eat in goa


Goa is a widely loved vacation spot for everyone and while travelling and sightseeing is important, you know what is more important? Food.

Goan cuisine is influenced by Portugese colonization which lasted for four hundred years. Goan dishes are mostly seafood based, coconut based and rich with spices available in the local market. Fresh and spicy goan food is available in every single restaurant.

Here are 11 Goan food you must try when you visit Goa next

1. Ros Omelette

Ros OmeletteA popular Goan snack served on food carts across, ros omelette is a fried omelette on which hot chicken curry called Ros(curry in Konkani) is poured and chopped onions are sprinkled on with some lime juice and served with buttered pav. This dish is a hunger savior for everyone as it is available at all times and is a popular midnight snack.

2. Tissreo Dangar

Tissreo DangarThese are clam cutlets that are delicious and made by simply mixing onions, rava and coconut to marinated clams and then fried. A homemade favourite, these cutlets are crispy on the outside and soft and succulent on the inside.

3. Pork Vindaloo

Pork VindalooVin stands for vinegar and ahlo is garlic in Portugese which later became aloo in India, and these are the main components of a Vindaloo. Famous as an Anglo-Indian dish, this spicy dish can be made using any protein and is a favourite for food lovers across the world.

4. Chicken Cafreal

Chicken CafrealThis spicy dish is made of whole chicken legs marinated with spices and coriander leaves which are then shallow fried. These succulent bones will definitely make you crave for more.

5. Prawn Balchao

Prawn BalchaoBalchao is a spicy and tangy dish which is similar to a pickle and can be preserved for a few days because of the vinegar added. These special Goan pickles can be made with prawns, fish or even pork. This Prawn Balchao is a pickle that will be a part of every meal you have for days to come.

6. Chicken Xacutis

Chicken XacutisPronounced as Shakuti and derived from chacuti in Portugese, this is a dish made with Poppy seeds and Kahmiri Chillies. Chicken xacutis is a common goan food and is a rich curry packed with flavour.

7. Pork Sorpotel

Pork SorpotelA popular dish where boiled meat is diced and sautéed and then cooked in a rich sauce with vinegar. Sorpotel is usually served with fluffy sannas or just some boiled rice. This dish is a loved dish in which the meat is well infused with flavor and makes you keep wanting for more.

8. Fish Recheado

Fish RecheadoRecheado means stuffed in Portugese and this is a fish dish where a whole fish is slit and stuffed with Recheado masala which is a spicy red paste. The fish is then shallow fried and served. This fish has a strong punch of flavours and is delicious in every single bite.

9. Caldine curry

Caldine curryA yellow fish stew, caldine curry is a traditional Goan delicacy is an everyday staple meal. This goes perfect with rice and is not spicy like others. Caldine curry is a rich stew which is based on coconut milk and provides a healthy and wholesome meal.

10. Goan Nevri

Goan NevriNevri is a sweet dumpling that is made of maida and is stuffed with coconut and sugar. This fried sweet is a specialty during festivals. A crunchy yet light coating filled with sweet goodness filling, this dish is a sign of celebration.

11. Bebinca

BebincaA popular dessert, traditionally consisting of 16 layers, is made of milk, sugar, flour, ghee and egg yolk. Bebinca is a layered pudding which is served warm with some cold ice cream. This dessert can not be missed and is a must try for any food lover. Bebinca requires a tiresome cooking process but trust me, it is definitely worth it!

These are just a few of the many delicious and mouth-watering dishes that are available in Goa.

Food in Goa is celebrated and is an important part of the Goan culture and experience. Any culture is incomplete without its food.

If you are looking for some authentic Goan food, meet some locals and visit their houses. You will receive traditional Goan food at its best!

If we have missed out on your favourite, please do let us know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to grab some cold Solkadi, which is coconut milk with kokum, on your way. It is good for digestion!

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