10 places famous for its beautiful scenic backwaters of kerala


Row-row row your boat, gently down the backwaters

JIYA –JALE-JAAN –JALE, This very famous song from the blockbuster movie ‘Dil se’, till date is hummed by most of us.

How exotic it would be, if you could be Shahrukh or Preeti, dancing near a waterfall, to the tunes of an authentic Malayalam song. But, ouch! Reality hurts!

And we are bound to accept the fact that, neither are we Shahrukh or preeti,nor do we have an entire crew dancing behind us, as we gracefully sing in the voice of lata mangeshkar. Nah!

Don’t be sad. So what if we can’t be a filmy hero or a heroin, we can still dance in the exotic locations of god’s own country KERALA’.  

Best part is, this won’t just be a ‘Dil se’ experience to you, but also have your own titanic experience, as you sail through the backwaters of Kerala in a beautiful homely boat house( don’t worry the boat wont drown :p).

Wait! You don’t have to go to Wikipedia, to know about the backwaters of Kerala, because “ladies and gentlemen! We present to you the 10 famous backwaters of kerala.

Amazing Alleppey Backwaters

Amazing Alleppey backwaters of keralaTry saying this out, ‘ALAPPUZHA’, kinda tricky. Maybe that’s why the original name turned into Alleppey.  The backwaters of Alleppey are very famous in Kerala, as they provide tourists with an unforgettable experience.

Find yourself experiencing the marvels of Mother Nature, like never before. With various attractions like sightseeing, bird watching, fish watching, the backwaters of Alleppey will surely leave you wanting for more.

The extremely comfortable boat house, the blast of coastal flavours, the heavenly movements of the boat, is all part and parcel of the experience.

There are various tour packages available to see the backwaters of kerala in Alleppey. You can choose the one which appeals the most to you.

Cozy Cochin Backwaters

Cozy Cochin BackwatersExotic traditional locations with touches of modernization, and that’s what kochi or cochin is all about.

Decorated by welcoming coconut and palm trees on the either sides of the water, the backwaters of Cochin have been ranked as one of the 10 most amazing places you need to visit at least once in your life time.

The best part about the boat house ride of the backwaters of Cochin is that, you just don’t have to limit yourself to bird watching.

There are numerous islands around the backwaters, which are always bustling with tourists. With famous places like, st.francis church, princess street, Mattanchery palace, Jew fort in and around Cochin, we are sure that, the backwaters of Cochin will be a memorable experience to you.

Kaleidoscopic Kasaragod Backwaters

Kaleidoscopic Kasaragod BackwatersThere are times in our lives, where all you want to do is spend time with you.

Kasaragod is one such backwaters of kerala, which is less frequented by tourists and hence becomes a place where you can plan a date with yourself.

Encircled by 4 small islands, cruising along the small villages and watching the lush green paddy crops, kasargod backwaters can be embarked from the town Chandragiri or the town Valiyaparamba. With tasty food on board cooked by the locals and the world class facilities, we bet, this boathouse trip would be the best gift you could possibly give yourself.

Kempt Kollam Backwaters

Kempt Kollam BackwatersStarting from the very well known Ashtamudi lake, these backwaters provide you with not only a luxury boat house but also breathtaking views of migratory birds, heavenly green vegetation and various historical places.

Mata Amrithanandamayi Ashram Math, Portuguese Fort and the lighthouse at Thangasseri, Chinese fishing nets, duck farming, and backwater villages are some of the various places you can visit, as you sail across the backwaters of Kollam. The 8 hour cruises become a treat to the eyes as you sail across the country side.

Killer Kottayam Backwaters

Killer Kottayam BackwatersA perfect vacation would be one where, you get to sit in a weather which is neither too cold nor too hot. Where, you get to sit back and watch the world unfold its beauty. Where, you get put your feet in the 1500 acres of fertile land that is filled with natural beauty, which is irrigated below the sea level.

Where you get to sail across two legendary lakes, and witness the daily chores of the villagers. Where you can sit back and express peace within yourself. Where, you get to embark on a journey to the kottayam back waters.

Kitschy Kozhikode Backwaters

Kitschy Kozhikode BackwatersAs kids we would always draw picture of beautiful sceneries ,where we all had a home with two windows, surrounded by mountains and a small pond with a cute little gold fish. Now maximize this picture and watch your childhood painting come alive ,as you rest on a beautiful house boat, floating peacefully on the backwaters of Kozhikode.

With majestic palm grooves and coconut trees, Kozhikode offers you with backwaters which present you with the rawest and purest beauty of nature. The Kali River and the Canoli canal surrounded by dense plantation offers a fabulous site that cannot be compared to other exciting experiences in the world.

Kinetic Kumarakom Backwaters

Kinetic Kumarakom BackwatersA festival which is celebrated all across Kerala – ‘onam’. You must’ve witnessed f1 races on TV. But the backwaters of Kumarakom provide you with an exclusive opportunity to watch the boat races held in the village of Kumarakom, from the months of august to September.

So here is your chance to not only experience peace and tranquility but also loads of excitement and fun, as you watch the boats speeding towards the finishing lines.

Kooky Kuttanad Backwaters

Kooky Kuttanad BackwatersThere is a very old famous malyalam song which goes this way, “ kuttanad punjayile, Kochupenne kuyilale, kottuvenam kuzhal venam, kurava venam”. This traditional song celebrates the culture of Kerala and is called as the boat song.

Like this, very original Kerala song, kuttanad back waters are also very authentic. Tours to this place are customized in such a way, that you not only get to see the villagers from a distance but also get to visit their homes and see them working in their fields and engaging in various activities like making coir.

Now isn’t that called, ‘one shot-two bird?

Terrific Trivandrum Backwaters

Terrific Trivandrum BackwatersTiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. But behold, this is not just like one of our rushy cities. With backwaters named Veli and Thiruvallam, this city offers various other activities along with the back waters.

Veli especially is considered to be a tourist hub for water sports. Surrounded by various historical places on either side of the waters, these backwaters are considered ideal for one day tours.

Versatile Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Versatile Valiyaparamba BackwatersValiyaparamba is an islet fed by 4 major rivers. This back water is gaining a lpt of tourist importance because of the breath taking views it offers.

After this elaborate piece of writing on the 10 famous places of backwaters of Kerala, you must be wondering, “which place do I actually go to?”.

Choose any or even choose all. But please choose. Because, we all deserve an escape.

We all deserve beautiful memories. How long can you be sitting in a concrete jungle? A real jungle is way better than a concrete jungle. Which is better? Loud hip hop music playing on your phone (or) the exhilarating rhythmic music of the birds of backwaters of Kerala?

Aren’t you bored of smelling air fresheners which claim to give you the aroma of nature? Don’t you think you really need to breath in the fragrances of the nature? We all deserve an escape. An escape from monotony. And there is no better escape than an escape into god’s own country- Kerala.

The backwaters of Kerala await your arrival, don’t keep them waiting for too long.

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