Travel Sickness: 6 Ways To Avoid Sickness During Travel


As kids if there was one trick we played on our parents, to avoid the dreadful test at school – it was lying on the bed with a tired face and calling ourselves sick. In fact we do it today too, when we have no mood whatsoever to go to work.

Sickness is that thing, which we hope for to avoid certain things. It is also the same thing which we try to avoid in all possible ways.

Sickness is not pleasant after all. Most of our important works are on the pause when we fall sick.

You might embark your travel, wishing for many magical experiences to happen to you, and travel sickness is in not one of them.

I mean just imagine trekking the Himalayas and saying, “Guys, my tummy is saying GUDU-GUDU-GUDU”. Travel sickness not only is a trouble to your body but also causes inconvenience to those travelling with you.

Nevertheless, we at Undivided Travel, try in all possible ways to see to it that you take the most out of your travel experiences.

So here are a few tips to prevent you from falling travel sickness.

1. Wash your hands

Wash your handsHAATH – MOOH-BUM!

Brands like Lifebuoy and Dettol have always laid a lot of emphasis on washing of hands. Isn’t it obvious that, we need to keep our hands as clean as possible.

We touch innumerable objects in a day, and we have no idea how clean they are. It’s with the same hands that we do our peth pooja.

No wonder, our parents always ask us to wash our hands before eating. But we don’t, cos most times we are lazy. When we see food all we want to do is grab it and eat it. But this carelessness of ours is the same reason why we keep falling sick.

From a normal fever to life threatening disease like influenza, the root cause of these diseases is not washing hands. I am no doctor to wear white coat and talk medicine. Neither can I show you under some scientific device, how many types of bacteria are currently on your palms, but I can tell you one thing, “bro, please wash your hands”.

When travelling, it is even more important to maintain hygiene. God knows whether that plate from which you just ate was properly cleaned or not. It’s of high importance that you always carry a small bottle of sanitizer with you, which keeps your hands clean with just one drop ( the doc on the advertisement said so ).

By taking a small step like using the sanitizer or washing your hands, you can prevent your trip from going haywire.

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2. Try eating healthy food

Try eating healthy foodI know, I know – you are an Indian and you want ‘ masaledaar thadka maara hua khaana’. But trust me when you are travelling (assuming there is a lot of activity involved), it is of high importance that you eat food, which is easy to digest and doesn’t, result in stomach infection.

Stomach infection would be the last thing you could ask for. If you were on a trip with the love of your life, how awkward would it be if you had to visit the wash-room every 5 minutes?

This is not to say that you should become a goat and chew grass. It means that, try to eat at places, where hygiene is given due importance.

Trust me when I say that it doesn’t take a minute for the food to go into your tummy, but it takes hours and sometimes even days for the sickness caused by the same food to subside. To the street food lovers, try taking it easy on your stomach.

Drink ample amount of water after eating. It’s always good to follow the statement ‘eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’.

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3. Carry a medicine kit

Carry a medicine kitNow I learnt this from my mom.

My mom always carries a pouch filled with all kinds of medicines for all types of disease. The time when I went to Delhi and felt my stomach making weird sounds after eating chole bathure – she gave me a domestoll. The time when I went to Singapore and started having severe cold and fever- she gave me a Dolo. The time I went to kanyakumari and fell down, while trying to click a beautiful selfie – she applied silverex on my wound.

And yes, with my mom’s love and these medicines, I would feel much better. And hence my vacations were not ruined, by idiotic bacteria and virus.

Every time you travel, make sure you carry an entire box of various medicines with you. We Indians are experts at self cure. Use the same talent, when you realize that something is not right within. Do not wait till the conditions worsen.

The first time you do ‘Hachumm’ – don’t worry. The second time you do it with even more intensity – it’s time to hit the alarm and get the situation under control.

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4. Protect yourself from the sun

Protect yourself from the sunI so wish I could tell you that you can use a talcum powder and avoid the sun’s heat. But doesn’t happen that way. A talcum powder or a sun screen, will keep you cool on the outside. But when the heat inside the body rises, you can might succumb to some serious illness.

Exposure to heat on a continuous basis leads to headaches, dehydration, fever and many more diseases.

Just like how ‘don ko pakadna mushkil hi nehi, naamunkin hei’, ‘ sun se bachna mushkil hi nehi, namunkin hei’.

Now this is where, we realize the importance of water. Keeping the body hydrated and cool is a must. Drinking at least 3 litres of water a day, is a must. Enjoying some, khatta meeta buttermilk is also a solution. Coconut water has always been the solution to every problem.

During the summers, make sure you carry fluids (not carbonated soft drinks) with you, which keep your body cool. Neembu paani ( lime water) , Chaas( butter milk), Jaljeera water , Coco nut water, Water  are some of the coolants, with which you can not only say ‘ Tandha tandha cool cool’, but also feel like it.

5. Prevent the love bites of mosquitoes


Prevent the love bites of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love humans. We are free source of food for them. You and I can never say no to free food. The same is with the mosquitoes.

If we perhaps had a rule for the mosquitoes which says ‘1 ml blood = 10 rs’, then probably, we wouldn’t be scratching ourselves to glory when these insects have a meal.

Nevertheless, mosquitoes have always been a menace, they are like the pug which follows the kid in the Vodafone advertisement. They follow you and also cause life threatening diseases like the ‘dengue’, ‘malaria’ etc (mosquito repellant ads, have already told you the list of diseases caused by these creatures).

Now you cannot carry a bottle of hit wherever you travel, and spray it at the sight of a mosquito.

What you can do is, take some odomos ointment or the liquid solution with you and make sure you apply it before every outing. This way you do not have to wear clothes, which prevent air from coming to you, just because you want to avoid mosquitoes. In case you couldn’t stop the over enthusiastic mosquitoes from biting you, do not scratch and scratch.

Wash the bite and apply some calamine lotion or an under arm deodorant.

Here are some more tips to reduce the itching and swelling caused my mosquito bites.

6. Drink clean water

Drink clean water3 most important things which you can’t control are

  •  Nature calls
  • Sleep
  • Thirst.

When you are dead thirsty, you do not care if the water you are drinking is ‘purified water’ or ‘tap water’. All you want is water. But it is well known to most of us that, drinking impure water is the cause for various diseases (too many diseases).

All I request you to do is, please do not wait till you reach the pinnacle of your thirst. Do not reach that limit, where you are willing to drink any kind of water. Always carry a bottle of water with you.

Wherever possible try to refill the bottle. You do not have to buy mineral water at every step.

All you need to do is have a bottle, which can be filled once it’s empty.

Let me tell you a story. There was once a girl, who was very adventurous. She didn’t care about things like eating healthy food or drinking clean water. After all she believed in enjoying the moment in which she lived in.

Once, when she was travelling all the way from Chennai to Delhi in a train, she came across a vendor selling some tasty looking ‘samosa’. Avoiding the cold stares of her mom, she bought the samosa and ate it. Then it happened.

What was supposed to be a ‘fun filled train ride’, turned out to be ‘dreadful wash-room visit time’.  It was so embarrassing when the co- passengers stared at her, running up and down the wash-room. Need I say more?

Yes it was me and till today I dread that one particular journey. I can’t even count the number of times I went to the wash-room (we know how beautiful the wash-rooms of our trains are).

So, my dear readers, out of utmost love, care and affection I request you to follow these simple tips. You see, travel is important. Because we are so caught up in our daily lives, that travel alone is that one escape which is refreshing.

When I say escape, I refer to an escape into serenity and rejuvenation.

NOT AN ESCAPE INTO SICKNESS OR WASH-ROOMS. If you are like me, where we are easily susceptible to infections, it is of high importance that we follow certain tips. After all prevention is better than cure.

Travel healthy. Travel safe.

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