9 Stylish Women Shoes For Your Summer Gateways


Your guilty conscience:

“You are so finished lady! Mom is gonna kill you, when she catches you with those new pair of shoes. I mean, why do you keep buying so many of them? Have you forgotten that you have only two feet? What are you gonna do with the old one’s?  Throw them away? “

You to your guilty conscience:

“Oh please, can you please finish it already? They were on sale. You know I won’t get this again, at this price. I practically saved money. Besides you were the one who went on saying ‘ omg! Look how good they look on my feet’, and now you give me this lecture? So please stop ranting, and let me handle this ‘like a lady’.

Can you count the number of times, you hid the new pair of shoes, you just bought at the sale, so that you could avoid the big lecture on ‘why saving your pennies is important?’

Ladies, let’s admit it, shoes transport us to another magical land.

Reading about love for women shoes, I came across a quote which goes this way ‘An average woman falls in love 7 times a year, and 6 of the 7 times are with shoes’.

So that’s our love for shoes.

Now if you are a Vagabond or a Traveller, you can immediately relate to it, when I say that, ‘without a good pair of shoes, your travel is not at all done’.

Travel and shoes are inseparable.

Now, it’s of utmost importance that we make sure that, we buy shoes, which not only look good, but also fit us perfectly.

So all the wise ladies out there, it’s time to make some wise decisions.

Check out the stylish women shoes listed below and make sure they accompany you in your next trip.


Well, what can I say about these?

Crocs Women's Huarache Flat Women Fashion SandalsLove at first sight is a concept which most of us do not believe in. But these sandals are sure to make you believe in love at first sight.

The moment you lay your eyes on them, all you want to do is watch your feet in them.

Expensive but a great buy.

Crocs are known for their durability. So do not think twice. Best part these are available in multi colors, which means you can match them with any outfit of yours.

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When you think of crocs, the first picture that come to your mind is that of this. Durability and stylish looks you can buy both, when you buy these crocs.

Crocs Women's Crocband Arc Slingback W Rubber Sandals

When on travel, there is a lot of walking you have to do. These crocs protect your feet and make your walk easy and comfortable.

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Crocs Women's Beach Line Boat Shoe Women Rubber Boat ShoesClassy and sassy. With or without socks, these shoes are sure to make many people around you, stare at your feet.

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These bellies have a unique look to them.


With looks like leather, but not as expensive as leather,these bellies are very much in the trend these days.

Do not be surprised if you find these bellies worn by some glamorous model on the front cover of some magazine.

Go ahead and make place in your foot rack for these.

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Wear them to work or wear them on a trek.

These can withstand anything. They are made from leather after all.

Shiny and with a cute bow, these bellies are sure to make your feet look like that of a fashionista.

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belliesOlive green, now that’s a very rare colour. Wouldn’t your whole closet come alive when you add these to it?

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Sandals have always been easy to wear and easy to carry. These pink sandals are light weighted and the cool looks which these come with are an added bonus.


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Rough and tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Just like most women are. These sandals are comfy on the inside and are rough and tough on the outside.

Which means, they can survive any weather conditions? Walking miles and miles is not at all a big deal any more.


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Run – run, walk-walk or dance- dance these sandals can be your mate in every activity of yours

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‘Give a lady the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the entire world! Now isn’t that some hardcore truth?

Shoes have always been those best friends of ours, which have been with us through our thick and thin. They have walked with you, never giving up on your feet through all your endeavours.

Through the biggest of your adventures,they have supported you and protected your feet.

And when you are travelling, celebrating your freedom, a beautiful pair of shoes definitely need to accompany you.


Don’t forget to comment your favourite women shoes.

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