6 types of people you find during your train journeys.



Chal chaiyya, Chaiyya ,chaiyya!

Let’s admit, every time we went on a train journey, we secretly wished to have that really handsome guy or that gorgeous girl as our co-passenger.

I mean isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? Well, wasn’t that the place where the eternal lovers, RAJ and SIMRAN met in DDLJ ? And let’s not forget how Kareena kapoor bumped into Shahid Kapoor in jab we met.

So, it’s quite natural for people like you and me who grew up watching, bollywood movies, to want to meet their soul mates on the Train.

But let’s get real here,we know that,this is just wishful thinking. Because, we are not so lucky like SRK and KAJOL ,where like them we not only find our love interest in the same compartment, but we also have a duet in the train with them, while the rest of the passengers fall asleep ( impossible! During train journeys, 7pm train time= 11pm normal time,as a result lights are switched off at 7pm itself) . So we end up travelling with the following kind of people.

1)  The Snoring – sleep snatchers:

For some people train journeys are amazing! The constant movement of the train makes them fall asleep easily.

For some others, train journeys are miserable. The sleeping berths are so congested, that they just can’t sleep comfortably. Irrespective of which category you fall into, if you happen to be travelling with a person who snores, mark my words,


One snoring uncle or Aunt = 10 atom bombs blasting at a time.

snoring in trainsource : http://bit.ly/1rUkMTQ

The person who is sleeping so comfortably, like he or she were sleeping on KURL-ON mattress, has no idea whatsoever, that the sounds that, they are emitting are so horrifying, that probably the entire compartment’s passengers have turned into OWLS.  

Worst part, you can’t say “Excuse me, MR/MISS, PLEASE STOP BOMBARDING US WITH YOUR SNORING”.

Solution: carry some cotton with you. Never know how handy it comes.

2)  The Talkative Terminators:  

You probably want some peace and silence. You sit silently, with your headphones, getting lost in the rhythms of A.R Rahman.

That’s when it happens.

Two or more people (who don’t know each other till they boarded the train), start talking. One says “Our politicians are not at all honest and dedicated!” To which, another person says,“Yeah! We pay so much of taxes; we don’t even get to know where the money goes”.

talkative personsource : http://bit.ly/1Np5sIL

And soon the random talk turns into a heated discussion sometimes even a debate. And you become that scared little kid who is covering himself under the blankets, due to fear of darkness.

Why wouldn’t you be?

Everybody seems to have been possessed by Arnab Goswami. Worst part, the discussion never ends. These people start with one sentence and just don’t stop even when the lights are switched off.

Again, you don’t even know these people, so you just wont say “ ayyyyo!!! Please stop!!”.

Solution: Turn on the volume of your music, to avoid any kind of noise.

3)  Techi Taunters :

A normal person would carry their phone and laptop with them, when they are travelling. But some people believe in being fully equipped ( as if they were going on a technological battle).

So these are the guys, who carry not just a phone and a laptop, but probably every damn gadget you find on Amazon.

Commuters Using Cell Phones on Trainsource : http://bit.ly/1QYdGCh

From having i-phone to having a highly expensive i-pad, this person has it all. And yeah everything is from Apple. And you sit in one corner, feeling like a Bikhari, holding a 10k worth Smartphone. Shit happens!

Solution: Instead of feeling bad about earning peanuts, you could be motivated to work harder and earn more money.

4)  The Upper Birthers:  

It’s good to want to reach great heights in life. I mean yeah, its nice to have goals and also to want to be at the ‘TOP’.

upper berthsource : http://bit.ly/1YjdG5T

But in the train too?

Now these are the young kiddos, who want privacy.

What from and what for? No idea.

But they conquer the upper birth of the train, and put an invisible sign on their head which says ‘DND! Or ELSE, I WILL BURN YOU INTO ASHES :- P ‘.

From the moment the train starts, till the moment it stops at its destination, this person doesn’t step down. They eat there, watch movies there, sleep there, talk from there and you can be really sure here that this person will step down only if something as powerful the nature calls him or her.

Now this person’s parents must be proud as hell, after all he or she chose to take his or her ambition so seriously.

5)  The inquisitive communicators:  

You are finally happy. You can finally start reading the novel you just bought at the station or you can finally complete your pending work without being disturbed by anybody. That’s when this kind of co-passenger person starts a conversation with you.

annoyingsource : http://bit.ly/24N7Dxz

Suddenly, you become a page 3 celebrity and this person becomes the news reporter and the train actually becomes a set made for an ‘Exclusive’ interview with you.

Like a journalist who doesn’t stop asking questions, this person is so interested in your life, that he or she just doesn’t stop asking you questions. Everything has to be known, from the place where you live at to your pet’s name, Everything!

And you just can’t tell bluntly onto the face of the person, “Dude! Would you mind if I do my work?”.

That’s not manners you see. This person is absolutely clueless, that you are not interested in having a conversation with him or her.

Solution: Say you have an exam and are supposed to work and just avoid any eye contact with the person.

6)  The silent Stalkers:

When eyes meet, hero and heroine fall in love. And throughout  the scene they keep stealing stares from each other’s eyes and fall even more in love. But sometimes when eyes meet, its not pleasant at all.

Especially, if you have no choice but to look into the eyes of the person sitting opposite to you every once in a while. Problem starts when the opposite person believes he or she is in a movie and starts playing the ‘Nazrein milana, Nazrein churana’ game with you.

source : http://bit.ly/1XiGjl7

Sometimes it’s even worse. You just don’t want to look at the opposite person, because he or she seems to be stalking you with his or her looks. And so you have no choice but to look at the floor or the wall or your phone. The train journey ends with a neck ache.

Now enough of humor!

Don’t get me wrong, but actually we have all displayed characteristics of at least one of the above mentions types of people during our journeys.

Guilty but true.

Train journeys have always been so much fun and so special since our childhood. In fact travelling by a flight can get pretty boring .Here are a few reasons why travelling by flight can be boring

1)  Everybody is so silent ( it’s like you are in somebody’s funeral).  But in the train there is always chitter chatter and liveliness.

2)  You wouldn’t dare to talk to your co passenger. I mean who would dare to talk to a serious looking person who has an invisible tagline ‘mind your own business’ on his or her head. In trains however, everybody is available (do not switch on your dating antenna) to have a nice discussion.

3)  You have no choice but to eat what the flight attendants serve you . But in trains every 10 mins you hear some vendor shouting “samosa lelo”, “lassi peelo”, “biryani khaalo” ( you get the idea). Variety is the spice of life.

4) you have no choice but to sit! Sit till your bums start hurting. Well in trains you can always take a long nap.  

All said and done, train journeys are amazing.

After all they alone have been responsible for all those exciting summer vacations which we enjoyed as kids. After all they alone have made traveling economical and comfortable. After all, they alone have given us so many memories.

Cheers to INDIAN RAILWAYS for making any place not ‘too far’ to reach. Next time you are planning to travel, choose a train. Choose enjoyment over luxury.

Ps:  I seriously hope you ,find your soul mate on the next train journey. Do comment your reviews on the article and also your funny experiences during train journeys.


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