5 Reasons To Start Travelling


10 years: I can’t wait to grow up and travel!

18years: Travel and now? Dude I have to take care of my career!

25 years: wait! I just got married, I need to settle and make money to travel right?

40 years: Well, I need to get my kids settle down. Anyways, I can’t hold onto those silly dreams, which I dreamt at the age of 10.

60 years: I want to travel so badly! I have money! All my responsibilities are done! But alas! I am bed ridden!

At least once our life time, we must have made a wish list of all those experiences which we await to be manifested into reality! But somehow the mad race of life gets to us, and we just don’t get to see our dreams come alive. So behold!  If you are one among those people who think that, travelling is limited to honeymoons and family tourist vacations, start thinking again, since you’re going to be provided with a list of 5 VIP reasons, why you need to start travelling’. Be ready to say ‘it’s now or never’.

1. To get closer to yourself

to get a closer to yourselfMost of us prefer dating and falling in love with others. But the one person who will stick by your side no matter what is none other than yourself. So come on, take yourself on date, with the most loveable person (yourself). Travel presents you with that rare opportunity with which you not only get to understand yourself better, but will also give you clarity as to what you really deserve in life.

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2. To make memories

To make memoriesClose your eyes! Imagine you are somewhere in your mid fifties. What would you recollect the most? The very important meeting you attended or an adventurous trek in valleys of Ladakh. You know the answer! You will not remember the claps of your peers but will remember the laughs and the talks you had at the camp fire. You deserve way better than a wall with pictures of smiles, smiled for the sake of the photograph. You know what you deserve, Go out and gift yourself some memories!

3. To know about different cultures

To know about different culturesWe have all always had the understanding that, the world is made up of different people who follow different cultures and traditions. Back to the time when you read about the great emperors of India. But wouldn’t it be great to experience their royalty and valors by going to the places where they lived and ruled!  Watch your small world become huge as you increase your understanding of various cultures and practices. The various dishes and cuisines of these places will enrich your taste buds with a blast of flavors!

4. To gift your eyes

To gift your eyesIt has always been said that, god has provided us with eyes, so that we can see and enjoy to our heart’s content, his beautiful creations. What Mother Nature can create is way beyond than what, a human architect creates! When you choose to travel, you not only create memories for yourself, but also capture pictures in your eyes of the beautiful places you visited!

5. Get a break

Get a breakNo! Don’t get a kit-kat! Get yourself a real break! Stop dancing to the tunes of your mobile phone! Every once in a while we all need an escape from our tiring monotonous lives! No better refreshment than an experience which doesn’t demand you to sit at a desk or to meet your deadlines! Travel is that refreshment! It is that break which will prevent you from having nervous breakdowns and will rejuvenate you to be a fresh, new person!

Be it `shahrukh khan’ and ‘kajol’ in ddlj or ‘Deepika’ and ‘Ranbir’ in yeh jawani hei diwani, if there was one thing which changed their lives forever, it was travel! So, my dear friend it’s your turn to be the hero or heroine of your own life! It indeed is now or never! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags!

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