5 best waterfalls in India you’ll want to see before you die



Remember that song you watched as a kid, in which the beautiful heroin was showed having a bath in the beautiful waterfall? We remember watching preeti zinta in jiya- jale –jaan – jale and wanting to have our own dance in the waterfalls.

What would follow, would probably be endless pestering subjected towards our parents to take us to such a waterfall. And when we realized we can’t have a waterfall, we satisfied ourselves, by dancing under the shower.

We remember our parents saying “become an actor, if you want to dance in the waterfalls”. Now that’s a luxury which most of us can’t afford.

But what if, you don’t have to be into movies, to experience the drizzles of water over your skin. What if, you don’t need have to have an amazing body to feel the force of tons of water.

Waterfalls, have been a sign of beauty. They can be called the gifts of nature. And yes, these gifts are for all.

So Here is a list of best waterfalls in india, you have to experience, to understand the wonders of nation.

1. Athirapally falls:

Athirapally falls‘Rolling camera, action! There are places, which you feel you have seen somewhere, but just can’t recollect, where, when or how. Athirapally waterfalls are sure to give you this feeling of the ‘known unknown’. Suddenly what if you realized that our king of romance danced for jiya jale here. Our dazzling diva, aishwarya rai, danced here singing to the tunes of ‘Barso re’.

Yes! This is your time to live your Bollywood dream.

Athirapally waterfalls, known for casting a spell of beauty on its visitors, is located in thirussur district of Kerala. What is even more exciting is, this waterfall is located amidst dense forest. Which means, you can also encounter some rare species of flora and fauna here.

With facilities like, ‘jungles safari’, this place in Kerala, is sure to provide you with the best of everything. These falls give you the feeling of walking in clouds, located at a height, these beautiful falls are always decorated with mist and fog.

Best part, you can go for a dip here.

Visit Anthirapally Falls

2. DuddhSagar waterfalls:

DudhSagar waterfallsGoa is supposed to be the party capital of India. Beach parties, pool parties, dj nights! Anybody who goes to Goa will be all set to get into the ‘party mood’.

But wait a minute, did you know that there was a waterfall in Goa which is truly magical, and is not known to many people. With water that looks as pure and white as milk, Dudhsagar, is located around 60 kms from Goa.

So after all the partying, if you are suffering from a hangover, for a change, turn to the nature for its cure. With the melodies of the gushing water, be assured that a quick bath under the waterfall, is sure to relax and soothe you. Isn’t it great to know that there is more to goa than just partying.

Visit  Duddhsagar Waterfalls

3. Iruppu falls:

Iruppu fallsAn enchanting town located on the top of the hills, with climate that is ever cool + a waterfall which amazes you with every droplet it showers. This is what coorg a hill station in Karnataka offers you.

Located in dense forest, these falls can be reached by trekking. An added attraction is the hanging bridge which is located just beside the waterfalls. If you are someone who loves taking pictures, in front of breath taking views, then this is your spot. The hanging bridge which is just adjacent to the falls, allows you to take amazing pictures.

Visit Iruppu Falls

4. Chitrakoot falls:

Chitrakoot fallsBored of waking up to the sounds of horns and traffic jams? Imagine waking up to the tunes of a magnificent waterfall. Imagines waking up to the views of Chitrakoot waterfalls, which is surrounded by greenery.

Chitrakoot waterfalls located in Chhattisgarh. With a resort located just beside the waterfalls, you can not only view the waterfalls once, but also experience it in its full beauty.

Visit Chitrakoot Falls

5. Elephant falls:

Elephant fallsMeghalaya is translated into abode in clouds. Living in clouds has always been a dream, which we all had.

Just imagine, taking a relaxing bath in a waterfalls of the clouds. Bathing in Elephant falls is exactly living your dreams. If you are looking for a waterfalls, which is not too large, Elephant falls is great.

Visit Elephant Falls

These 5 waterfalls are a few of the best waterfalls in India.

DISCLAIMER: do not expect someone as beautiful as the heroin in ‘satyam shivam sundaram’, to be dancing in the waterfall. Most people you find bathing in these waterfalls are absolutely normal people, who are as excited as you are. So go ahead and live your childhood dream. Stop taking bath in the shower and for a change take bath in nature’s water.

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