15 Places for first time solo travelling in India


One of the best feelings in life is travelling. As soon as one gets to know they are about to embark on a road trip or journey the heart starts to pound just like when you see or talk to someone you like a lot. Travelling is one of the best exercises. It rejoices the heart and gives one more hope to live. Travelling comes with having a budget to cover the expenses. To take a start with travelling one must start with their own country.
People travel along with their friends or family but if one wills to travel alone it might be retreat. These are some 15 places in India for the first time solo travellers:

1. Triund:

triundSituated in the Northern India and provides a tranquil trekking opportunity. This location attracts the crowd from all over the world and provides the best scenery in India. Also good for newly-weds but if one is looking for a soul-searching experience, away from all the human connection and the misery of the city life. One can ponder, feel fresh and meditate in the open fresh air.

2. Ladakh:

ladakhA mountainous region in Jammu & Kashmir which gives one an amazing scenery with even the dry mountains it consists of. The part of Kashmir that Ladakh is in mostly comprise of Buddhists so one would encounter Buddhists mostly. The Architecture is identical to that of Tibet because of the strong influence by Tibet.

3. Udaipur:

udaipurCalled the ‘Most Romantic Place in India’, it is probably the best place to travel in India solo with all the Magical Palaces and the shimmering Lake Pichola. Sitting in front of the Palaces and picturing the Royal Romance unrolling would be a Delight. Far from the maddening chaos of city Life, this place provides Tranquility along with history.

4. Leh:

lehLeh is another place in Kashmir which an attraction. Kashmir is a natural attraction because of its Famous enticing beauty. Leh is one of the traveller-friendly attractions you will come across with stupas and mud-brick houses on the ridges which ends to start off with the field of barley.  The altitude of the place makes people suffer from headaches and breathlessness.

5. Ziro Valley:

zirovalleyCarpeted with the beautiful lush Greenery and rice fields, it has been a World heritage site for a long time. Situated in Arunachal Pradesh and possessing a temperate climate, it can provide an excellent experience for the solitary time. A solo traveller’s best pick surrounding self around the greenery and serene atmosphere.

6. Pushkar:

pushkarA holy town in Rajasthan with its famous temples, lake and bazaars. This place is one of the best choice to visit to see indian culture with its Palaces and Pushkar Camel Fair which is a 14 day fair attented by 400,000 + people every year.

7. Gomukh:

gomukhYou absolutely don’t need anyone to accompany you to go climbing this place with its Mountainous area filled with Glaciers. It would provide one with the best enchanting trekking opportunity.

8. Mahabalipuram:

mahibapuramOne of the places on UNESCO’s list. This place provides a Historical eye with the peaceful environment. The Buddhist and Hindu Sculptures provide the eye-catching experience.

9. Kasol:

kasolAnother tranquil place to trek with the streams flowing between the Humongous Mountains. It has been dubbed ‘Mini Israel’ because of the inflow of Israelis tourists seeking retreat from their military service One of the idiosyncrasy of the place. It has many restaurants and Hotels which bear the signs in Hebrew because of its Israeli visitors.

10. Tawang Monastery:

Tawang MonasteryGifting a Picturesque view in Arunachal Pradesh. This place reeks of peace and this Monastery is the largest in all of Asia. With snow-caped mountains and lakes, best place to soothe the mind and body.

11. Jog Falls:

jogfallsThe word ‘Jog’ stands for fall in Kannada Language. It cascades from 4 distinct places making it a one huge waterfall. One of the best attractions in India’s South, this place will give an adrenaline rush along with a peaceful departure for the weary soul. Definitely a must-go for the one travelling to India.

12. Kutch:

kutchThis is a dry region which provides an endless desert plain. This rustic beauty provides all the ancient temples, attractive architecture, flamingos etc. Their villagers produce some of India’s finest folk textiles with exquisite embroidery.

13. Hampi:

hampiFor the soul searching for a spiritual experience this can be the place. With the past vibrant history of a forgotten Empire, it’s a delight when the monuments and ruins are lit in the night.

14. Khajuraho:

KhajurahoThe sculptures indicative of the Indo-Aryan Architecture. Another place to come in contact with if one wants to see the ancient historical places.

15. Varanasi:

Varanasi Another sacred place for the Hindus and Jains which holds a believe that If a person dies there, they will attain salvation. One would find this place scorching in summer so it’s better to travel in October to March. Visit this place to find yourself in the religious tranquility.


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